Everything you need to know about Zula and its tricks

April 21, 2019
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April 21, 2019 admin

If you are reading this is because you are interested in this shooter that is quite entertaining and which you can access for free.

Surely you know what it is, but for those who are starting from scratch, we will briefly review its main features.

Zula is a first-person multiplayer shooter (shooting game), it can be part of any of the two teams that exist. One is a group of vigilantes and the other is a paramilitary organization.

The objective is to defeat the opposing side by making their way through different maps. Several characters are available (16 in total) each with their own abilities.

As for weapons, the amount is not negligible. It has something more than 150 so you can always try a new one depending on what you want to achieve.

The games can be done in different ways and in them it is possible to earn Zula money with which you can buy additional weapons. If you like the game a lot and it is in your possibilities you have the option to buy them with real money.

If you have already played it, you will have noticed that the games are short and fast so you have to develop skill and speed if you want to be the winner.

To get beat in addition to practice you can use two types of resources. The first type of resources include advice and recommendations that are usually things that the players themselves have discovered and with which they have obtained good results.

The second group of resources are those called hacks that allow you to very easily perform very difficult and even impossible actions. If you have heard for example that someone is using Zula Aimbot and that is why he always wins, it is one of these hacks that in this case makes the shots always hit the target without ever failing.

Some players prefer to use the tips, participate in all kinds of forums, watch tutorials and practice a lot to improve their skills in the game.

Others are tempted by the advantages of hacks and use them without much concern.

And there are others that combine both resources.

That is to say, that Zula Aimbot ‘s use of vision through walls and other hacks is not allowed. If they discover you using any of them you can end up suspended and of course you will not have a very good reputation in the game.

But as everything in life is a matter of taste and is up to each person, we will talk a little about both.

One of the actions they say has good results is to adjust the sound options, so that only the main sound and sound effects have volume. This helps focus attention and not get distracted.

The main sound must be at a good level since it allows to hear the footsteps of the enemy and to be able to act in time. Do not put it to the maximum because the sound tends to distort.

Another recommendation is to buy the 10% quick recharge and the 5% bulletproof vest. The recharge is not very expensive but it is quite useful and as far as the vest can save you while shooting your opponent.

As for the way to shoot, maybe something obvious, but we’ll say it anyway. Always aim at the head, not down or sideways.

To improve the reflexes, a good trick is to play Death Match (one of the modes of the game) with sniper.

Now, if you want to try the hacks, without a doubt you should look for Zula Aimbot, which as we already mentioned before will convert you (without you having to make any effort) into an invincible shooter.

Another of the most useful hacks is the Wallhack with which you can look through the walls locating your enemies without them noticing and attacking them by surprise.

There are also tricks to protect yourself from the effect of flash and smoke grenades, so that the weapon shoots extremely fast bursts or recharges immediately.

It is important to remember that with the use of these tricks not only run the risk of banning but also you can be a victim of various types of viruses.

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