How to level up quickly in Zula

April 20, 2019
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April 20, 2019 admin

One of the first-person shooter free distribution that surprised since its launch and has managed to capture thousands of players around the world is Zula.

It is a shooter where two sides face each other in different scenarios and different game modes, with a variety of weapons and equipment inspired by what the paramilitaries actually use.

The maps are also inspired by real places, which adds to the appeal of the game.

The games are played as a team, in each of them is looking to collect as much money as possible and gain experience to raise levels and find more weapons.

These games are characterized by being very fast and somewhat difficult, require certain skills and a lot of precision to reach the enemy when it is fired.

To achieve all this there are those who resort to the use of hacks such as Zula Aimbot with which you get perfect shots that always hit the target.

Others prefer to practice, follow the advice and recommendations of other players who have managed to level up.

As there is Zula Aimbot and many other cheat, there are other types of tricks to quickly rise to the level that are considered legal.

These tricks are related to the evasion of certain rules of the game to modify the statistics and consequently level up.

Put like that, it does not seem to be very legal, but at least it’s not about hacks.

Evade the Zula system to level up

Evading the Zula system to quickly level up is not an easy task, nor is it done in a few minutes. You have to have a little patience and be willing to invest at least two hours. It’s not like shooting and hitting Zula Aimbot, it takes some more work.

In addition you must have the necessary resources to play in two accounts at the same time.

To do this you will have to comply with certain steps, which we will not detail but which we will mention only as a reference.

The first step is to create several accounts, one main (which is the level that will be raised) and other secondary ones that will be used, among other things, to transfer weapons and other resources to the main one.

Next step, raise the KDA (average that is drawn according to the number of murders, deaths and assistance).

Then the games must be falsified, that is, you enter with two accounts, one of them goes out and the other wins (the main account). This can be done several times but with a time of one or two minutes of waiting.

It is also necessary to get free money, it is not an easy matter since there are no hacks for that yet, but there are some ways of doing it that will not be detailed at this moment (it remains of task for those interested).

To be located in the TOP of some map is important to level up. To get it you have to play on a single map and kill at least once.

We must try not to abandon the games, since in doing so, 3 points are lost.

Finally, completing both special and normal missions helps the purpose we have set, that is, level up quickly.

Speed ​​is the most important thing

The fast-paced action is the main feature of Zula, the tactical combat environment is a bit behind in this game since the main thing is speed.

The games are short and very fast, so the player must adapt to that speed if you want to get experience, money to get weapons and level up.

Many players, especially novices, may need many hours to try to level up and unlock weapons, which is why they often look for options like the ones described above.

Although we do not recommend using tricks that can be considered cheating, it is the choice of each player to live his experience. However, you have to remember that doing so takes away a lot of the fun and often ruins the games.

Competing in a fair and honest environment is the best way to participate in all videogame communities.

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