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April 20, 2019
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April 20, 2019 admin

Many rookies of Zula are frustrated when their performance does not improve and it is very difficult to level up to get more powerful weapons, even when they invest several hours a day practicing.

While it is true that practice is the most important thing, there are some tricks that can help you play better.

When talking about tricks, the most common thing is to think of hacks such as Zula Aimbot and many others that exist, but those of that type are not always referred to.

We will not deny that the possibility of not missing a single shot with Zula Aimbot or surprise our enemies by looking through the walls, is quite tempting but we know that the use of hacks is cheating.

Taking advantage of so-called hacks or cheats puts us in a position of advantage over other competitors that has nothing to do with our abilities and we create an environment in which very few are interested in participating.

In spite of that there are players that sometimes use them, but that is left to each one’s choice.

For those who want to shoot as if they used Zula Aimbot or win many games without the help of the hacks, we will leave some recommendations made by experienced players.

Recommendations to improve in Zula

The first trick, that more than a trick is a council, is related to the choice of the weapon. The best weapon is with which the player feels more comfortable.

If we are starting and still do not know what weapon is that, it is recommended to use the M4A1 and the explorer weapons that the game allows you to use without paying.

Also good weapons for the rookies are the AK-7 and M4A8.

On small maps, it is best to use padded knives.

It is also important to consider the mode of the game, a weapon that is good for one mode is not necessarily the best in another.

For example, in sabotage mode one of the best weapons is L11A3 but for Death Match, Search and Capture and Everyone Only mode, a BORA is better.

Remember that in Zula the games are short and very fast, the bullets go right and left at a speed that does not take long to react.

That is why you must choose the weapon that is best mastered and eventually try to learn to handle the most powerful and complex as AWP and GLOCK.

A useful trick is to use other resources before firing like the blinding grenade, taking care not to affect teammates. Of course, this strategy is reserved only for extreme situations that require it.

Beyond weapons, to survive you also have to know how to choose the best place to camp, to know the maps and above all to be always alert.

Do not stay in the same place, on the contrary, the ideal is to get about four or five different places to position yourself. This will make it harder for the enemy to know the location.

Using the walls as protection is a very efficient trick. Sticking well on the walls serves to avoid being easy targets of enemies and also allows you to shoot without being seen.

Of course, the practice is the most important. Do not miss any opportunity to measure yourself in combat, plus it is a way to earn more money.

Hacks for Zula

As we mentioned, the use of hacks is not the best, first because it is cheating and second because it does not really allow us to develop any skills in the game, since the hack does everything for us.

But despite their cons, there are players who decide to try them. It is an option that exists and that is common in almost all video games.

These hacks can be obtained in different websites, some are offered for free, others have to be paid.

With them it is possible to have a perfect aim, look through the walls, become immune to blinding grenades, make movements faster than normal, among other things.

It should be noted that if the use of hacks is detected, the account may be banned even for life.

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