Zula Aimbot and other hacks

April 21, 2019
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April 21, 2019 admin

Of Turkish origin, Zula is what is known as FPS or what is the same a first-person multiplayer shooter. It can be obtained for free and its design is designed for the competition and so-called E-Sports.

In this particular game, two sides meet in unique environments such as the Middle East, Istanbul, North Korea, Brazil and Northern Iraq.

In Zula, alleged criminals and paramilitary groups fight without mercy on different maps in which you must meet various objectives.

Variety of weapons, different game modes, characters inspired by television heroes as well as equipment and paramilitary suits very similar to the real ones have made Zula has been gaining popularity.

When a game becomes popular it is very common for competition to increase and with it cheats or hacks appear. These are programs that are downloaded and run at the same time as the game in order to improve the skills and actions that the characters do.

Using hacks like Zula Aimbot is actually considered cheating, since what they allow to do, without any effort, is practically impossible for any player even if he is professional.

When in a game, there are players who use hacks the discontent among the other participants is very high, they usually report them to be sanctioned and the competition is fair.

It is not the same to face an enemy that you can beat with your skills, than with one that uses Zula Aimbot and will never miss a shot.

Hacks for Zula

Although it is known that the use of this type of tricks is not considered legal within the game and that there is also the risk that the account is suspended, there are many players who risk using them because their only desire is to win no matter how do what.

Offers to get hacks abound on the internet, of different prices, amount of tricks and in some cases even include advice and support.

Most say they are undetectable and can overcome the security of video games. In some cases it is true (at least for a while) but what is really difficult to overcome is the suspicion of the other players, who remain always alert and are able to realize when someone is using hacks.

Let’s see some of the most common hacks and what they do.

Zula Aimbot: This hack refines the aim in such a way that perfect shots will always be obtained.

Wallhack: Allows you to look through the walls with what you can locate the position of the enemies and attack them without you noticing.

Name ESP: When using this hack, its name and amount of life is shown above each player.

Box ESP: Enclose the players in a box.

Chams: With this hack you can also look through the walls, but use two colors. One when the player is behind some object and another when it is visible

No smoke: Protects against smoke grenades by not affecting the player.

No Flash: It has the same effect as the previous hack but in this case with flash grenades.

No Recoil / No Spread: It is perfect for sniper rifles as it makes the weapon does not move when firing.

Fast Reload: Reloads the weapon almost instantaneously.

Fast Weapon Switching: Allows you to change the weapon without having to buy items.

Rapid Fire: With this hacks your weapon shoots bursts at high speed.

Legal tricks for Zula

If you have taken a look at the list of tricks above, you may be tempted to try them, as they certainly have many advantages. However, it must be borne in mind that when playing them you are not playing fair and there are certain risks.

In addition, they can ban your account, some hacks include malicious code that damages your equipment and steal personal information.

There are many other “legal” tricks with which you can improve performance, get very good results and become an expert in Zula.

These tricks come from the experience of other players and are totally legal. With much practice you can even discover new tricks and share them with other competitors.



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